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The Structure of Labeling Machine

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The Structure of Labeling Machine

1. Rolling wheel
The rolling wheel is a driven wheel used for laying coiling block label. It is usually equipped with friction braking device which can adjust the friction to control the speed and tension of coiling block, and to keep smooth, stable paper feed.

(2) Buffer wheel
The buffer wheel is connected with spring. It can swing reciprocally. In this way to ensure it can absorb the tension of the material when it starts to work. At the same time, to keep the material contacting with the rollers and prevent the material fracture.

(3) Guide roller
The guide roller is composed of two up and down. It works as the direction and orientation of the coiling block.

(4) Drive roller
Drive roller is composed of a set of active friction wheel, usually a rubber roller and a metal roller with the bottom paper through them. The function is to drive the coiling block to make the labeling machine work normally.

(5) Winding wheel
The winding wheel is the driving wheel for the friction gear, it is used after rewinding label at the bottom of the paper.

(6) Stripping plate
The function of stripping plate is to make the label strip from the bottom paper and contact with the label object.
(7) Labeling roll.
Stick the label out of the bottom paper smoothly and uniformly were on the posted items.