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automatic plane labeling machine

automatic plane labeling machine

automatic plane labeling machine

product model number:GH-TB-3000
product name:automatic plane labeling machine

   guangzhou guanhao machine & equipment factory productGH-TB-3000 model automatic plate labling machine .it applies to the all kinds of aqrare box or flat surface to paste the label or LOGO and label after shrinking .

1.the design of the main parts absorb import machine label transmit way to solve the instability label elements of general demestic labeling machine can't do .

2.man-machine touch screen ,it has 50 groups data memory storage function, through touch screen to change the product and label .you can change label and the length of the label ,you don't need adjust optical sensor.

3.it is consistent the speed of the label and speed of the conveyor belt.and you can adjust the speed at the same time ,it is convenient to adjust ,and it is easy to operate.it is perfect equipment in the food ,mendicine ,chemical industry and cosmetic and so on .


 technology parameters:
labeling error:        ±1.0 mm
arange of the label: L: 10-700(mm)W: 10-110(mm) 
capacity:        20~80pcs/min
supply power : 220VAC/50Hz   580W
dimension:        3000×200×750(mm)(L×W×H)
total weight:        250Kg

(it also can do according to the client's needs)