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4000Bsealing machine

4000Bsealing machine

4000Bsealing machine
product model number:4000 B
product name : sealing machine 

main technology parameters
1.inout supply power :~220V±10%, 50/60Hz
2.input electricity:atstatic state ≤6A,  trends ≤16A
3.output power:it can adjust,4KWmax
4.output wave pattern:sine wave,80 ~ 100KHz
Protection Class:IP21
6.the referance speed of sealing:150-350bottles/min  ( referance bottles : diameters of the bottle mouth : 34 mm ,bottle body diameters : 40 mm  Polyethylene bottle to test 

7.diameters  of saeling

 standard type Ⅱ :  ø20mm~ø50mm
big mouth diameters Ⅱ type :  ø50mm~ø100mm