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Between the labeling machine and bottle story

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 In ancient times, people learned how to put in some container with bamboo, pots, barrels filled with some tags. Easy to remember, not to misuse, this is our ancestors to be reflected in commodity packing. Also after the circulation of commodities, exchange, put forward new demand. The labeling of the invention is to help people to change the life of the tools of production.
  We in the TV movie, see the most is what liquor, Trimeresurus, Nu'er Hong, burning a knife and so on, are arranged in the container jar, inside, and then write what wine, and carry are some wine gourd, these containers have no gorgeous appearance, also have no how much degree like to remind, some just wine fragrance, far from glass bottles or cans now is so complicated, what wine, production date, shelf life, and the main components of this bottle of wine is mainly the factory code are marked above, to remind the dealers and consumers. These alerts are on a thin tag, use this is the modernization of industrial technology of automatic labeling machine, and the application of this technology will allow manufacturers and the name of the goods to reach a certain height, which  is now the brand influence a word.
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