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Semi-Auto Round Bottle Positioning Labeling Machine

Semi-Auto Round Bottle Positioning Labeling Machine

Semi-Auto Round Bottle Positioning Labeling Machine


    Guangzhou GH-A520 Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Positioning Labeling machine suits for Carbonated Drinks, Pure Water, Alcoholic Beverages, Cosmetics, Fruit Drinks, Milk, Cleaning, Detergent, Skin Care Products, Hair Care Products, Oil, Yogurt

    GH-A520 Series Semi-automatic Wrap-around Labeling System (with Registration) 
GH-A520 is suitable for use in the cosmetics, health care products, pharmaceuticals, and foods & beverages industries. ?It is operated by manual placement and removing of bottle before and after labeling. With the PLC equipped controller, the operator is able to preset different labeling positions for various round bottles with the single or dual labels applications in one cross. Backed by an engineering design team with years of experiences in automatic labeling equipment,GH- A520 offers the advantages of stability, ease of use, high performances, as well as the flexibility to add custom engineering functions according to the customer's requirement. GH-A520 is specially designed for satisfying the medium to low production capacity on wrap around labeling, for round bottles with registration along the circumference in relation to the characteristics by the photoelectric detectable device. Pneumatic control of motorized label pressing roller for different sizes of round bottles Photoelectric detector for registered labeling position PLC controller for storage of up to 50 sets of labeling parameters Highly user friendly interactive touch-screen control makes operation convenient and straight forward. Also offers plenty of on-screen help functions and alarms. 

50 sets of labeling parameters memory allows easy changeover between different labeling jobs by switching the pre-defined parameters set. Features for effective prevention of the problems such as missed labeling, wrong position, and double labeling; include intelligent label quantity management, warning messages and optional visual inspection devices. Unique design of label traction unit using sand-glass traction roll to ensure stable gripping of the label web without the slipping as well as long lasting performance and precision. All electrical components are of world renowned brands, ensuring long term stability and reliability of the machine. 

Machine Model: GH-A520 
Bottle Sizes Diameter: Φ16-90mm 
Labeling Speed: 40-60 bottles/min (depends on bottles & label sizes) 
Labeling Precision: ±1.0mm (other than errors from bottles or labels) 
Air Pressure: 0.5-0.8 Mpa 
Weight: 100 Kg 
Machine Demensions: (L)910×(W)705×(H)1310 mm 
Power Consumption: 220V   AC  50Hz 0.8KW