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Automatic flat labeling machine

Automatic flat labeling machine

Automatic flat labeling machine

Basic application
Applicable to all kinds of things on the plane labeling or adhesive sticker film, such as books, folders, boxes, cartons, etc., replaced by the institutions can be applied to uneven surface labeling, widely used in the large plane labeling of products, specifications wide plane class object labeling.
Optional code printer or to spurt the code machine labeling, which can realize on the label print production date, batch number and jet printing bar code and other information.
Optional to code machine till the conveyor belt, and can realize labeling before or after the labeling on the product production date, batch number, bar code and other information.
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Operating principle
* core principle: sensors detect the product after, back to the signal to the labeling control system, the signal after the PLC processing, at the appropriate time to send out the tag attached to the product set position, product flows through the device, tags coating is firm, a label attached.
* operation: put a product (production line) - > product delivery (automatically) - > product correct (automatically) - > product testing (automatically) - > labeling (automatically) - > by standard (automatically) - > collection has labeling products.
Scope of application
* Applicable label: the adhesive sticker label, f adhesive sticker film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.
* Applicable products: on the plane, big radian attached with a label or membrane products.
* Application industry: widely used in printing, stationery, food, daily chemical, electronics, medicine, etc.
* Application example: book plane labeling, folder, labeling, packing box label sheet, labeling, etc.
Products feature
* Applicability is wide and can meet the product width 30 mm ~ 350 mm flat labeling and dry film, change the organization can meet the uneven Surface labeling;
* Labeling accuracy is high, the subdivision stepper motor or servo motor driver to send, send the accurate; The belt around correction mechanism design, guarantee label drawing process is not about migration; Eccentric technology applied in traction, drawing labels don't skid, ensure the accurate;
* Durable, using three rod adjustment mechanism, make full use of the stability of the triangle, the whole machine solid and durable;
* High stability, Siemens PLC + Germany's Siemens touch screen is easy to measure label advanced electronic control system of electric eye, 7
* 24 hours support equipment operation; Simple
* Adjustment, six degrees of freedom is adjustable to adjust design, conversion between different products become simple, time saving;
* Application is flexible, it can produce single or production line, production site layout is simple;
* Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, have any label, there is no standard automatic correction and label automatic detection function, prevent leakage and labels to waste;
* Touch screen operation interface, full Chinese annotation and perfect fault prompt functions, all kinds of simple and easy to adjust parameters, easy to operate;
* Powerful, has the production count function, power function, set number production function, parameter setting protection function, convenient production and management;
* Optional functions and components:
(1) Hot code/printing function;
(2) Automatic discharging function (consider) combined with products;
(3) Automatic feeding function (consider) combined with products;
(4) Increase the labeling device;
(5) Other functions (according to the requirements of client).
technical parameters:
The following technical parameters of model machine, other special requirement and function, can be customized
◆applicable label length:6mm~250mm
◆applicable label width(backing paper width):20mm~150mm
◆applicable product size(L×W×H/T):LENGTH:40mm~400mm
◆ applicable label external diameter(mm):φ350mm the following
◆applicable inner diameter(mm):φ76mm
◆labeling accuracy(mm):±1mm
◆label send out speed(m/min):BUJIN:19m/min servo:25m/min
◆labeling speed (pcs/min) :BUJIN:40~150pcs/min servo:50~200pcs/min
◆sending speed(m/min):BUJIN:5~19m/min servo:5~25m/min adjustable speed:5~18 m/min
◆ weight(kg):about 180kg
◆ frequency(HZ):50HZ
◆ voltage(V):220V
◆power(W):500W(BUJIN) 950W(servo)
◆equipment external dimension(mm)(L×W×H):1600mm×780mm×1400mm 。