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semi-automatic flat labeling machine

semi-automatic flat labeling machine

semi-automatic flat labeling machine

Basic application
Application suck stickers labeling method, implemented in various parts of the plane labeling, such as cosmetics flat bottles, packaging, labeling and other plastic cap.
Change the cover standard mechanism, applicable to the uneven surface labeling, such as recessed flat, circular surface labeling and so on.
Change the rule, applicable to all kinds of irregular workpiece labeling.
Matching ribbon printer or spurt the code machine, production date and batch number printed on the label, integrates code - labeling
Product picture

operating principle
* core principle: sensors detect the product in place or stamped on the signal products in place, the suction of absorbed label falling labeling and marking, and then returned to the in situ adsorption next label, waiting for the next labeling signals, a label attached.
* operation: put a product - > decision in place (test equipment control or manual control) - > labeling and cover the (device automatically) - > remove label product.
scope of applicable
*Applicable scope of label: adhesive sticker label, adhesive sticker glue film, electronic supervision code, barcode and so on.
*Applicable scope of products: use in plane, cambered surface, circumference, concave surface, convexity and others surface attach with a label of products.
*Application industry: Widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries
*Applications: flat shampoo bottle labeling, packaging box label, bottle caps, plastic shell labeling, etc.
product feature:
* powerful function, can be applied to various artifacts of plane, arc surface, concave flat labeling, can be used for irregular workpiece labeling;
* standard indeed, high stability, PLC + subdivision stepper motor driver to send, send the standard firm; Feeding structure configuration and brake function, ensure the belt tension, to ensure that the label detection precision; Bands around correction institutions, prevent label about migration;
* strong long durability, circuit is separated from gas circuit layout, pneumatic cleaning device, to avoid air water invade on electrical appliances, extend the service life of equipment; The machine adopts advanced aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, quality and firm;
* convenient adjustment, configuration height adjustable function, different height of product labeling, without repeated replacement of fixture;
* good appearance, adopt the bottom computer white box, with stainless steel and aluminum, beautiful and easy, upgrade the equipment;
* have two labeling manual/automatic control mode, workers can according to need, choose to use a sensor or stamped on the stick mark control; Manual and automatic control button, the standard length can be arbitrary regulation;
* optional functions and components:1) hot code/printing function;
Technical parameters
The following technical parameters of model machine, other special requirement and function, can be customized
◆applicable label length(mm):15mm~100mm
◆applicable label width(back paper width /mm):15mm~150mm
◆applicable product size(L×W×H/T):length:20mm~200mm
◆applicable paper roll external diameter(mm):φ340mm
◆applicable paper roll inner diameter(mm):φ76mm
◆labeling accuracy (mm):±0.5mm
◆labeling output speed(m/min):5m/min
◆labeling speed(pcs/min):20~45pcs/min
◆ weight(kg):约48kg
◆ frequency(HZ):50HZ
◆ voltage(V):220V
◆ power(W):145W
◆ Equipment extermal dimensions(mm)(L×W×H):约850mm×410mm×720mm
◆ air (Mpa):0.4~0.6Mpa。