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6 head hot filling production line

6 head hot filling production line

6 head hot filling production line

6 head filling machine:
(1)filling head number:6
(2)filling capacity:20-200ml
(3)filling type:piston quantitative type filling    
(4)filling speed:1200-1800bottle/hour               
(5)filling accuracy:%%p1%(40-200mm)  
(6)material:filling machine rack use 304 stainless steel

(7)program control:exported PLC match with touch screen man machine interface

(8)piston, material tank and filling mouth connect with the part of liquid position use material:316 stainless steel and temperature resistance engineering plastic                
(9)sealing coil material:polytef
(10)air pressure:0.5-0.8MPa
(11)conveyor:82mm width POM chain
(12)drive motor:550W frequency speed adjust motor
(13)total height:2.3m
(14)material heating:indoor temperature-80 degree adjustable

(15)tank material volume:100L
(16)pipe warm preservation:maximum to 80 degree
(17)material tank mixer:370W motor,revolving speed frequency adjust。
(18)total power:  10KW/380V 3 phase 5 line power supply

5 way refrigerating machine gallery
Technical parameter:
1.external dimension: 3500mm(L)X940mm(W)X1400mm(H)
2. compressor:5   equal(American)
3.power:, 3 phase 380V/50HZ
4.machine power:4KW
5.refrigerator machine door: 4doors   
6.conveyor size: ( 5way)3500 mm×82.6 mm(POM)plastic steel
   conveyor distance to floor:740mm-760mm adjustable
7.machine rack material: use (SUS304)fuselage design
8.conveyor motor: Taizhou TUSC 370W motor
9.temperature control:-10 degree-indoor temperature adjustable
10. Refrigerator conveyor is multi way type。

Chuck type external cap capping machine 
Technical parameter:
applicable scope of bottle diameter:different size need to change different chuck
applicable scope of bottle cap diameter:50-80mm adjustable
cap sending type:sorting cap laddering belt
capping type:clip and screw type capping
capping motor:140W AC motor
production capacity:   1200-1800 bottle/hour

conveyor with drive motor: 550W motor

frequency speed adjust, rack use304 stainless steel, cover with organic glass


3 type induction aluminum foil sealing machine

Technical parameter:
applicable scope of bottle diameter: 50~80(mm) 
applicable scope of bottle height:   40~200(mm) 
production capacity:   1800 bottle/hour
conveyor:   L 1700mm W 82 mm
conveyor speed:   0~13.5m/min
nominal voltage:     220V/50Hz
total power:     3000W 
external dimension:   1700×410×1350 (mm) (L×W×H) 
total weight:     100Kg

PET box semi automatic aluminum sealing and cutting machine
   Technical parameter:
  1、applicable scope:plastic box aluminum hot press sealing
  2、production capacity:1200-1800box/hour           
  3、power:   0.3Kw      220v    50Hz
  4、air supply: 4-8 kgf/cm*cm

after manual sending box, automatically finish sending aluminum foil, cutting foil, hot sealing, then manual take box
can be order by customers requirement。